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It will be about survivor who´s name is Drew. He will be surviving in desert territory where is critically little water and food. And he need to find way to live.


It all began with the fact that Russia released a biological weapon to the entire planet because of their controversy with America and Asia. In spite of this, they launched a biological weapon that changed the climate of the planet in less than 2 weeks. And that's how it all started


Oliver Držík - Artist, Programmer

Version 1.0.0


You can support me if you want (with cash). Its your choice.

Gamejolt: http://gamejolt.com/dashboard/games/237448

FB: https://www.facebook.com/lonelygamestudios/


Mail: lonelygamestudios@gmail.com

Phone number: 0944709338

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Published May 06, 2017
AuthorLonely Game Studios

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